Tuesday, August 9, 2016

So I'm just working on my webcomic right now - getting the next page finished so I can post it, it's only been about two years since the previous page was posted D: Oh man, I'm terrible at updating, more to work on for my mid year resolutions (?)

I have a hard time organizing my thoughts right now - I peg it on going from being very focused on one really important, all encompassing thing (finishing the Bacon and Sausage comic in time for the printing deadline for comic con) to floating back into my disorganized life where there are many things I know I need to do and are lingering in the back of my mind and on endless to-do lists I keep finding in my purse and pockets.

And I have a terrible habit of, when something isn't a procrastinated emergency, just putting it out of my mind when I have time to take care of it so I can just forget all my responsibilities and coast through a fog of ambiguous anxiety about forgotten deadlines.

I seriously gotta find my planner; I put it somewhere when I moved, so it's definitely in one of these bags around my room... to-do lists and schedules are so much better when spiral bound in a book and not stuffed into pockets! :D

Well, here's a little snippet of my workings on the next page of the web comic:

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