Sunday, October 23, 2016

Hello world!

So I'm busy busy! I've been working on the comic, and then I've also been teaming up with my fav pod cast guys from the Points of Interest Podcast Network - Francis and Josh!! They interviewed me on Tuesday, here's the link to that episode: That Episode! Those guys are so funny, and we are working on some other possible collabs, and I just love hanging with them and working with them - so definitely go listen to those guys, they have great shows about nostalgia and all sorts of awesome geekery!

I've also got Bacon and Sausage up for sale on my etsy store: My Etsy Store! So, yeah, that's buyable now.

And I'm STILL working on that first page of the next episode of Peppa Jack and Martini - it's got a lot of background stuff and scenery, so it's a detail-heavy page and taking FOREVER!

Here's a little snippet preview so there's something here :P