Sunday, July 31, 2016

Aaaaaannnnnnnddddd - I'm back. After a four year hiatus from my blog, but it really is a great, easy way to keep anyone who cares updated on my exciting, action-packed life, lol. Actually, I did just return from San Diego Comic Con, where my first completed comic book made it's debut for sales. The comic is called "Bacon and Sausage" - I did the art, and Gabe Smith at wrote the script and story. The SDCC experience was great, and we sold quite a few copies, but I think we will do better at the Emerald City Comic Con here in Seattle next year - it's definitely geared more towards small press and artists from my experience. So I'll get these up on Etsy to sell soon and post a link. And I'll be keeping a better updating schedule than once every 4 years... yes. :D

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