Sunday, October 23, 2016

Hello world!

So I'm busy busy! I've been working on the comic, and then I've also been teaming up with my fav pod cast guys from the Points of Interest Podcast Network - Francis and Josh!! They interviewed me on Tuesday, here's the link to that episode: That Episode! Those guys are so funny, and we are working on some other possible collabs, and I just love hanging with them and working with them - so definitely go listen to those guys, they have great shows about nostalgia and all sorts of awesome geekery!

I've also got Bacon and Sausage up for sale on my etsy store: My Etsy Store! So, yeah, that's buyable now.

And I'm STILL working on that first page of the next episode of Peppa Jack and Martini - it's got a lot of background stuff and scenery, so it's a detail-heavy page and taking FOREVER!

Here's a little snippet preview so there's something here :P

Monday, August 15, 2016

Gaawwwll - Monday >:O I know I shouldn't be so grumps about a day of the week, especially when all it really means is I live for the weekend like everyone else. But I have an art job, so I can't complain too much. :D

So I posted the newest page of Fancy Free Comics - and now I'm working on the next page, which will be page one of a new episode of Peppa-Jack and Martini... here's a little sneak peek:

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

So I'm just working on my webcomic right now - getting the next page finished so I can post it, it's only been about two years since the previous page was posted D: Oh man, I'm terrible at updating, more to work on for my mid year resolutions (?)

I have a hard time organizing my thoughts right now - I peg it on going from being very focused on one really important, all encompassing thing (finishing the Bacon and Sausage comic in time for the printing deadline for comic con) to floating back into my disorganized life where there are many things I know I need to do and are lingering in the back of my mind and on endless to-do lists I keep finding in my purse and pockets.

And I have a terrible habit of, when something isn't a procrastinated emergency, just putting it out of my mind when I have time to take care of it so I can just forget all my responsibilities and coast through a fog of ambiguous anxiety about forgotten deadlines.

I seriously gotta find my planner; I put it somewhere when I moved, so it's definitely in one of these bags around my room... to-do lists and schedules are so much better when spiral bound in a book and not stuffed into pockets! :D

Well, here's a little snippet of my workings on the next page of the web comic:

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Aaaaaannnnnnnddddd - I'm back. After a four year hiatus from my blog, but it really is a great, easy way to keep anyone who cares updated on my exciting, action-packed life, lol. Actually, I did just return from San Diego Comic Con, where my first completed comic book made it's debut for sales. The comic is called "Bacon and Sausage" - I did the art, and Gabe Smith at wrote the script and story. The SDCC experience was great, and we sold quite a few copies, but I think we will do better at the Emerald City Comic Con here in Seattle next year - it's definitely geared more towards small press and artists from my experience. So I'll get these up on Etsy to sell soon and post a link. And I'll be keeping a better updating schedule than once every 4 years... yes. :D

Friday, August 31, 2012

Hey, long time no post! I know, I'm terrible about my blog, but I'm going to try to improve. Anyway, I just want a quick place to plop my contest entry for the Farmers Market Poster. Here it is, in all it's glory! :P

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hello - just got back from Maui this week - it was fantastic!! I have to put some work together to show to a professional illustrator so she can give me some tips, and I'm really excited! Here's some sketches I did of folks at the airport in Maui... our flight was delayed 3 hours :P so we got home pretty late, but thanks to all the siestas we took in the heat of the day on vacation, we had enough reserve sleep to make it through work the next day. :D

Monday, November 14, 2011

Puppies! I decided to sketch some random pics from the internet in my new sketchbook. I typed in "love" into Google Images and the picture of the dog with the kitten came up. Then I just typed "puppy" after that. My mom said it's just a puppy kind of day. :3